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Our Own Podcast

Oct 23, 2018

Enjoy this extra special episode of Our Own Podcast, featuring an interview with Dr. Marie Cartier and a call to action about saving Hershee Bar, the oldest lesbian bar in Virginia and possibly the oldest lesbian bar on the entire East Coast. We hope to see you at 810 Union Street!


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Jul 7, 2018

Join host Kira Kindley at 1230 Redgate Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia to examine an interesting sidewalk etching and delve a little deeper into Norfolk's queer past.



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Jul 6, 2018

Our Own Podcast begins its exploration of the Queer History of Hampton Roads, Virginia, by exploring itself. Introducing host and researcher Kira Kindley, what the podcast is, and why the Queer History of places like Richmond and Norfolk matter.



Music by Laurel Cummings, from a sample by setuniman...